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An empowering workshop for women entrepreneurs and professionals focused on self-doubt, negotiation in the workplace, financial intelligence, and mental health & wellness.

Your purpose lies at the crossroad of difficult and necessary. You love it. The world needs it. You are great at it. You are paid for it. This pretty much sums up a person’s purpose - their WHY - when mission, passion, vocation, and profession combine into one common thing. Finding your path and your calling is easier said than done though, isn’t it? It can sometimes feel daunting, that we’ll never reach it, and instead of bringing joy it can bring the opposite — stress and anxiety.

This workshop will cover the 4 buckets that will help you find your path:

  • Personal Development

  • Professional Development

  • Financial Intelligence

  • Health & Wellness

With these 4 buckets filled up, wouldn’t you feel like a total BAD ASS?? Someone who could take on any challenge in life and really go after what they want? We could all use a little help in these key areas and this workshop will not only be going over concepts, but also a practical step-by-step guide to achieving what we truly want — a fulfilled life of meaning and purpose.

In this community-building workshop that aims to educate and empower women entrepreneurs and professionals, you will have the rare opportunity of getting tips, tools, and insights from a few undeniably incredible and accomplished women who will be speaking on these 4 integral topics to help you develop into the person you are meant to be, so that you can make the important changes you want in your life and live in your potential with power, passion, and purpose.

**Net proceeds will be donated to charities that aim to prevent the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children and youth, while offering support to families.

Your Speakers:

Jen (Yau) Mattiola, Certified Personal Development Coach, Los Angeles, CA - Personal Development: How to Stop Self-Doubt And Start Making Changes to Create A Life You’ll Love

Jen worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years, managing sales and distribution for a global apparel company in both Canada and the U.S. She left the corporate world in 2010 and soon after created a sustainable leather handbag line. Last year, she sold the company and started a coaching business focused on helping women entrepreneurs and professionals get unstuck and out of their own way to create a life they love. As a Certified Personal Development Coach, she supports and empowers people to make effective changes in their daily lives to cultivate lasting growth and fulfillment.

April Yau, Group Director at Major Tom Agency, New York, NY - Professional Development: Negotiation in the Workplace - How to Ask For What You Want and Deserve

April, a Vancouver native, currently heads up New York operations for an award-winning agency, Major Tom. Having started as an intern fresh out of school, she quickly worked her way up gaining expertise in leadership, negotiation and relationship management. She is passionate about creating positive change and inspiring others to live impactful, fulfilling lives. In her spare time, she travels the world while discovering new ways to eat bacon.

Rene Wang, Managing Partner at Illumina Investments Group, Los Angeles, CA - Financial Intelligence: Choose Your Own Adventure Investment Blueprint

Rene is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur, investor, producer, and artist. She is the managing partner of Illumina Investments Group, a privately held commercial real estate investment group that specializes in the acquisition, reposition, and management of retail and mixed-used properties located in the U.S. She is passionate about mentoring and empowering youth and women to bolster their leadership qualities and financial intelligence, and have done so through volunteer work and her education business.

Lisa Bay, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Vancouver, BC - Mental Health & Wellness

Lisa is passionate about empowering people to overcome adversity, particularly societal pressures faced by womxn. She is dedicated to dismantling the stigma around mental health by speaking openly about her own challenges and experiences. Lisa is also the Community Engagement Coordinator at Peak Resilience, a leading counselling practice in downtown Vancouver specializing in empowering women to live their best lives. They provide integrative, trauma informed feminist therapy for those looking to deprogram harmful beliefs, heal from trauma and thrive in their professional and personal lives.

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