Testimonial - Chelsea Young

I was initially focused on the career aspect of my life, but inevitably the coaching became more of a personal nature. Having someone to keep me accountable, bring awareness to my thoughts and actions, and provide tools to help me get towards my goals is invaluable.

It forces things to move forward instead of putting it off and I gained knowledge to better understand myself and other people. Most importantly, I learned how to communicate better with my friends, family, and colleagues. Another great bonus is having Jen as my cheerleader to celebrate my wins with. Alternatively, if something bad happens, she’s someone I can share myself with as well and she keeps me on track.

I had this reoccurring relationship pattern and with Jen’s coaching I was able to break the pattern and not fall back into default. I was taking actions to not relive those moments and I feel stronger and I respect myself more because of it. I truly believe that the more I respect myself, the more others will respect me, and Jen has showed me that.

Professionally, I was able to fulfill on some commitments that had been on my to-do list for a while and it makes me feel good about myself that I was able to make progress towards my next career move. I’m able to have difficult conversations with the tools I learned, which makes me better prepared for the future. I am more on my path than before in finding what I’m passionate about and the next steps I want to take in my career.

Having all this means a lot to me. I have more personal happiness, fulfillment, strength, and a better sense of understanding for myself and others. Even if you think you can’t afford it now, I’d create a budget for it and make it a priority!!! I highly recommend it.

- Chelsea Young, Customer Success Manager

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Testimonial - Kheyli Tristen

Coaching has helped me articulate the steps needed to becoming a better listener and supporter to my partner, which are essential in applying to any relationship or friendship I have. 

Jen is very easy to open up to and speak with. There was never a moment I felt like my feelings were invalid or unimportant, which I believe is paramount when confiding and pouring out your life to someone. She’s unbiased and speaks from a place of compassion and empowerment. Her methods are simple yet so effective when it comes to self-limiting beliefs, breaking unhealthy patterns, and choosing how to respond before reacting. She’s helped me work through challenges and find effective solutions to help me grow in my relationship and as an individual when I’ve felt “stuck”. Having someone to guide you makes a huge difference when their advice adds value to yours and your loved ones lives - it’s priceless!

In my personal life, I’ve achieved increased mindfulness, reduced anxiety, I’ve chosen to be happy and I now have clarity of what that means for me. Professionally, I have less worry and uneasiness. Creating boundaries and dividing my time for work and family has been helpful when balancing a growing clientele.

Having these tools to help me in the two most important parts I value most in my life: my family and career, has been life saving and game changing. I can’t imagine where my relationship would have been if I hadn’t met and chosen to open up to Jen the day I met her. I am so grateful for our paths to have crossed!

- Kheyli Tristen, LA Based Hair Stylist

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Testimonial - RENE WANG

Jen is like an ass-kicking Olympian athlete coach who inspires you to realize your potential, a nurturing mother who’s here to champion your growth, and a sassy BFF who will tell you what you need to hear--all in one package! When I was in the middle of transitioning my business, I was hesitant about moving forward, and Jen helped me reframe my language, which shifted my attitude towards creating this new venture. 

- Rene Wang, Managing Partner at Illumina Investments Group

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Testimonial - Alyssa Blue

Jen is helping me to remove my mental blocks and overcome self-imposed limitations so I can fulfill my life’s purpose. Our sessions have helped me slow down, breathe, choose how to respond instead of reacting, and given me more tools to pull from to keep my energy and focus on ideas and tasks that I’m passionate about and that make me happy. The tools learned are subtle, but powerful and having Jen as a loving, non-biased ally on my journey is instrumental in breaking free from conditioned patterns and overcoming self-limiting beliefs in a gentle and empowering way. In my personal life, I have achieved increased awareness, a sense of calm, less anxiety, increased happiness and an outward display of love and affection toward my partner.

Professionally, I am reinvigorated! I have new passion and desire to create and share my gifts with the world. I am reclaiming my identity, taking responsibility for my actions and life’s trajectory, overcoming stagnation from my fears and allowing myself to live up to my true potential. I am grateful!

- Alyssa Blue, Holistic Wellness Coach

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